Trademark class 42 india: Technology-driven Services and Software Excellence

Updated on : May 12, 2023 - 4 p.m. 17 min read.

Trademark class 42

What is Trademark Class 42

Trademark Class 42 pertains to scientific and technological services, as well as research and design services related to them. It encompasses a wide range of services that are primarily focused on providing intellectual and technical expertise in various fields. The services included in Class 42 are not primarily for commercial or industrial use but rather for the advancement of knowledge and development of new technologies.

In this class, services such as computer programming, software development, website design and development, technological research, engineering, and scientific research are covered. Class 42 also includes services related to the analysis and evaluation of technology and scientific research, as well as services provided by engineers, chemists, physicists, and other professionals involved in technological and scientific fields.

The following services are also classified under Class 42:

  • 1. Scientific and Technological Research
  • 2. Design and Development of Computer Hardware and Software
  • 3. IT Consultancy and Technical Support
  • 4. Data Analysis and Data Processing
  • 5. Computer System and Network Design
  • 6. Scientific and Technological Consultancy
  • 7. Intellectual Property Services
  • 8. Computer Programming and Coding Services

The following services are NOT classified under Class 42:

  • 1. Healthcare and Medical Services
  • 2. Financial and Banking Services
  • 3. Construction and Engineering Services
  • 4. Transportation and Logistics Services
  • 5. Education and Training Services
  • 6. Entertainment and Media Services
  • 7. Hospitality and Accommodation Services

How Trademark Class 42 is different from Class 9

Trademark Class 42 primarily focuses on services related to technology, scientific research, and intellectual property. It includes services such as scientific research, software development, IT consultancy, data analysis, and technological design. Class 42 is more service-oriented, emphasizing expertise and knowledge in the field of technology and software.

On the other hand, Trademark Class 9 pertains to goods rather than services and is centered around electrical and scientific apparatus and equipment. It covers a wide range of products such as computers, smartphones, software, electronic devices, and scientific instruments. Class 9 is primarily associated with physical products and technological hardware.

Comprehensive list of services classified under Trademark Class 42


- Agricultural research services

- Air quality testing services

- Algorithm development

- Animal breeding services

- Animation design services

- Application service provider (ASP) services

- Artificial intelligence software development

- Audio transcription services

- Augmented reality software development


- Biotechnology research services

- Brand evaluation services


- Chemical analysis services

- Cloud computing services

- Computer programming services

- Computer software design

- Computer system design

- Consultancy in the field of computer hardware

- Conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media

- Cryptocurrency software development

- Cybersecurity services


- Data analysis services

- Data encryption services

- Data recovery services

- Database design services

- Design and development of computer hardware

- Design and development of computer software

- Drone technology services


- Electrical engineering services

- Energy auditing services

- Environmental research services


- Fashion design services

- Firmware development services


- Genetic research services

- Geographic information system (GIS) services

- Geological research services

- Graphic design services


- Human resources consulting in the field of technology

- Human-computer interaction (HCI) research


- Industrial design services

- Industrial research services

- Information technology consulting services

- Intellectual property consulting services

- Interior design services

- Internet security consultancy

- IT support services


- Laboratory research services

- Landscape design services

- Legal research services

- Lighting design services


- Machine learning software development

- Mechanical engineering services

- Medical research services

- Mobile app development services

- Multimedia design services


- Nanotechnology research services

- Network security services


- Packaging design services

- Patent research services

- Pharmaceutical research services

- Product design services

- Project management for software development

- Prototyping services


- Quality control services


- Renewable energy research services

- Research and development of new products

- Robotics technology services


- Scientific research services

- Search engine optimization (SEO) services

- Software as a service (SaaS) services

- Software customization services

- Software maintenance services

- Software testing services

- Solar energy research services

- Sound engineering services

- Statistical analysis services

- Sustainable design services

- Systems integration services


- Technical research services

- Technology consulting services

- Technology licensing services

- Telecommunications consulting services

- Testing of new technologies

- User experience (UX) design services


- Virtual reality software development


- Waste management consulting services

- Web design and development services

- Web hosting services

- Website security services

- Wind energy research services


- X-ray technology services


- Zoological research services

Disclaimer : Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there may be other services that fall under Trademark Class 42. Additionally, the classification of services may vary based on regional regulations.